Welcome to the new JGambleFT - An exciting new Food and Travel Blog

I love food, I want to share my love for food with as many people as I can. I left home at the age of 16 years old and lived all around the world experiencing difference cultures, ingredients and flavors. I get the opportunity to travel all over the world with my job, I hope some of the tips and tricks I use an help you also ! 

My family didn't see me cook growing up and my mother was always multi-tasking 5 dishes at a time, which would meant I was banned from the preparation. Even today my parents joke about me not being able to boil water. As years have passed my passion and love for food has grown and now being an expectant mother I am more conscious of eating well and understanding how food impacts your mood, energy and also healing power when unwell. 

The French Culinary Institute was something I dreamt of for many years, going back to school really help give me a sense of discipline and also and understanding of how to organize and prepare dishes.  I will share some of my lessons, tips, techniques, videos and pictures with you !!!

I hope if you follow my blog you will enjoy cooking as much as I do !