Irish people CAN cook, we are not just red haired leprechauns who dance on demand.

Welcome to Jgamble-Food ! I left home at the age of 16 years old and lived all around the world, my family really never saw me cook and no matter what dishes I make now for them they still make cracks at me that I cannot boil water, that my house must be a pig sty and wonder how I have lasted in Technology for 12 years. I guess thats the price you pay for packing a "wee" suitcase and leaving your family for bright lights and a big city.

When I meet people for the first time and they ask where I come from, they do things like try and fake my accent, talk to me about how their mother's sister's dog is Irish so they must be Irish also, and cap it all off with how awful the food is where I come from. I will be the first to admit that Irish people cook meat TO DEATH, I actually feel sorry for the poor animal, as chefs in Ireland feel they have to cook using the smoke alarm as a cooking timer. You probably wanted to know my motivation for becoming a good cook, and there you have it.

Through the middle ages to 21st Century French Cuisine, French techniques and French Chefs have been a dominating force. From Guillaume TirelGeorges Auguste Escoffier to the modern-day Jacques Pepinthere are endless reviews, articles and cook books showing techniques that bring anyone to cooking perfection.

The French Culinary Institute has been something I have dreamed about for over 2 years. In the FCI section I will share some of my lessons, tips, techniques, videos and pictures with you !!! My dream is not to be a "Chef De Cuisine" but more use food to enjoy life. Most of my ideas for shows are either un-pc involving the little people (kinda like leprechauns) or may not cater to a broad enough audience (Like Karaoke cook along). I am still working on the next big thing.

I hope if you follow my blog you will enjoy cooking as much as I do !