Been around the world and I....I...I.....I cant eat anymore food !!!

What a difference a day makes!  The summer is almost over and the wind is starting to blow its way through the city. The summer saw trips to Ireland for my brothers Wedding and then London, San Diego, San Francisco for work ! I realized that I needed to actually see more of the cities really close to me so Atlantic City and Boston were also on the hit list ! One post is too much for all the delicious food experienced along the way so this post is about my home and my home away from home. London and New York !

My first stop was to the Riding House Cafe. The menu is a mixture of small plates, large sharing plates. These fit well around their large communal seating (See above). You have a choice to share seating or have a private table like any other restaurant. My favorite choice on the small plates has to be the spicy lamb meatballs with a hollandaise type sauce. The Halibut was pan-fried in Orange butter which is a change from Lemon and was fresh and vibrant. They also do a great round of non alcoholic drinks which is really considerate for women having a baby :) folks driving and those of us who are over 30 and have discovered finally that hangovers do exist and the option to not get plastered is starting to become more appealing each time we wake up feeling like someone is playing drums on your head!! This would definitely be a Sunday local of mine if I was in London.

The Town hall Hotel in London was a little Diamond to find. The entrance is pretty crazy and the reviews from Viajante came in boat loads, however with any good review means it's a nightmare to get into. We settled for their step child restaurant "The Corner Room". The place is definitely the step child that got shunned to make sure Viajante gets the spot light. The staff reminded me of the people you meet when you walk into Prada in casual clothes, who look you up and down and wonder why your there. You just want to bust out the pretty woman theme tune and storm out but of course you don't. They forget they are sales assistants working for Prada and not millionaires but somehow they made me feel like I didn't belong. The dishes shown below came out on beautiful circular plates and visually looked amazing, but they were really disappointing. We tried the rump of lamb with wild garlic, which was fatty and over cooked. I could go on but is a waste of both our times. The thing you can do is steer clear, it's not worth the money and London has much better to offer.

NEW YORK !! - Brooklyn !

What's the worst thing about going to Brooklyn? Answer - It's over trendy? The fact it feels physiologically like going to a different state? Nope its the fact on the weekend the subways are a joke and its quicker to fly to London. You have 2 options, do you get upset by this and shake your fist in the air and vow never to go to BK again? No :) You work around it. There are 2 traveling ways that I have fallen in love with and the first is the Pier 11 East River water way and walking over the Brooklyn bridge. Both gives you amazing views of the city and a nice walk !! Which is important as the food in Brooklyn is off the hook and if didn't walk it off I would probably be 300 pounds.

The one word that has brightened up my summer - SMORGASBURG :) The amazing Williamsburg food market ! Its near the historical Tobacco building which is fun to wander around.

My first love is the Milk Truck - When I first moved to America I was pretty disgusted by what was being passed as a grilled cheese sandwich, the last thing I want to do is be rude to folks child hood dreams but sorry Kraft cheese slices in white bread is not what a grilled cheese was when I was growing up. I praise Jeez-us that the Milk Truck came along. They use Balthazar bread and the most amazing cheeses from all over the world, you could eat 50 of them and the best comes with caramelized onions !

The next truck is called Piggies, when I moved to NYC I had no idea what a pig in a blanket was :) true story. In the UK I had eaten sausage roll which is kind of pig in a house, but these mini sausages are covered in amazing pastry keeping those delicious sausages warm ! You can get a heap of different flavors and well worth checking out.

When friends come to NYC the one thing they must try is DOUGH ! Dough is owned by Chef Fany Gerson. She moved from Mexico City and studied the same school I went to - International Culinary Institute. She is definitely not a one trick pony of doughnuts. She has worked in Eleven Madison, Akelarre and a number of others. Before tasting this I had only had 1 other doughnut in my life and I am not sure I will have any other. She makes this dark chocolate and passion fruit glaze doughnut, you take a bite and feel like laying on the ground and crying with happiness. YES it's that good !! There are other places which are great ! The Blue Bottle coffee shop will give you what you need to wake up and skip all over that food market. Finally We Rub You not only has an awesome name but the Korean BBQ has amazing sandwiches "Pork Belly Sandwich Marinated in We Rub You Spicy Sauce with kimchi, cucumber and perilla chimichurr"

My last posting is about the cutest little brunch place called "Egg". We went there for my 2 friends birthday brunch and what a great idea. What's makes a place every adults happy place? Acting like a kid - YES. When we sat down we had white placements in paper and jars of crayola crayons. I have one regret about my childhood I was a hoarder and never used my stationary as I wanted to keep it all nice in the boxes? WHAT WAS I THINKING? Did I think there going to be some sort of stationary war and I would have the most crayons to go into battle or that I would keep them and sell them on the antiques roadshow? I missed a childhood of fun just because I didn't want to open and wreck the boxes :) Thanks to Egg I got to let my inner child come out and we spent 30 mins drawing. The prize for the cutest picture below has to go to my cute friend Henrik who drew this picture as a birthday treat for my best friend Stephanie ! What about the food? There is only one place so far that can rival the breakfast I get from Malinna and Richard and that is EGG. Home-made chorizo with poached eggs, salsa verde, pickled jalapeƱos. You could not beat it with a big stick ! The house coffee isn't bad either !!

Big thanks to Chris Ritter who gave me a Guide to Graphic Design class to put the photos together. To learn more about her amazing talents see -

Well that is London and Brooklyn, next week San Francisco is up and what a food extravaganza that was !!

Have a great Labor weekend !